Salads, appetizers, starters, casseroles… Enrich your dishes with our tinned fish and seafood products. Palacio de Oriente has a few recipe suggestions for any occasion, from a healthy quick meal to a whole menu for a special moment. Simple and eye-catching ideas created with trustworthy products. Dare to try them in your kitchen and surprise everyone with an explosion of flavor.

Crema de mejillones en escabeche con bonito del norte


Apr, 22

Creamy Pickled-mussel Soup with Albacore Tuna

It’s time to combine the excellence of Palacio de Oriente’s canned products in the same recipe with the flavor of the sea. A delicious, creamy pickled-mussel soup, boosted by the touch of pickled marinade, and finished off with a piece of albacore.

Taco relleno de bonito del norte en AOVE y mayonesa ligera de huevo frito


Dec, 21

Taco with Albacore and Fried-egg Mayonnaise

Surprise your guests with this tasty starter, an original and 100% nutritious snack. Experience this version of the taco using a French omelet and combine it with a foamy mayonnaise brimming with flavor. The small albacore chip-sized pieces in olive oil add the finishing touch to this recipe with a marine feel. A great start[…]

Crema de calabaza para Navidad con bonito del norte


Dec, 21

Creamy Pumpkin Soup with Albacore and Egg for Christmas

Begin the festive season with a creamy pumpkin soup with albacore in extra virgin olive oil. A tasty recipe that will help you enjoy your healthy food and impress your guests with a creamy pumpkin soup for Christmas. A delightful dish that combines the best of the vegetable garden, the power of the EVOO, and[…]

Humus de garbanzos y mejillones en escabeche con aceite de oliva


Dec, 21

Chickpea and Pickled-mussel Hummus

Prepare healthy, nutritious and flavor-combining snacks that will enthral those who try it. Get started with this chickpea hummus that sets itself apart thanks to its texture, as well as its attractive mussel flavor. This recipe was created to commemorate Palacio de Oriente’s participation in the Dubai Expo.


Nov, 21

Oriental Marmita, or Potato-based Stew, with Albacore in Olive Oil

A new way to prepare the traditional albacore marmita. Try this recipe that has been upgraded by including Palacio de Oriente’s canned albacore. The aromas of oriental cuisine, the original vinaigrette on the albacore and the fusion of flavors will delight lovers of soups and stew dishes.

Tostas de mejillones en escabeche con sobrasada vegana


Oct, 21

Pickled-Mussel Toast with Vegan Balearic Sausage

The pickled mussels from Palacio de Oriente finish off this toast, which stands out thanks to the vegan Balearic sausage that serves as a base. Experience new flavor mixtures with a meatless Balearic sausage and the delicacy of ‘Mejillón de Galicia’ DOP.

Chicken Skin Toast with Pickled Mussel Pâté


Oct, 21

Chicken Skin Toast with Pickled Mussel Pâté

Surprise your loved ones with a tasty and original appetizer where the taste of the sea goes perfectly with crispy chicken. The pickled mussels from Palacio de Oriente are the main ingredient of this exquisite and very natural homemade pâté. Re-create this recipe and enjoy a versatile spread that will become a staple in your[…]

Salmorejo Cold Tomato-Based Soup with Albacore in Olive Oil and Egg


Oct, 21

Salmorejo Cold Tomato-Based Soup with Albacore in Olive Oil and Egg

A delicious cold soup with Cordoba’s aroma and the flavor of Galicia. Let yourself be surprised by a traditional recipe made with tomato, breadcrumbs and the delicacy of albacore. The extra virgin olive oil from Palacio de Oriente preserves enhances the flavor and adds creaminess. A superb salmorejo cold tomato-based soup with albacore!


Jun, 21

Black Spaghetti with Mussels in Pickled Sauce Made with Olive Oil

A fusion of a classic of Italian cuisine and a gift from our Galician coast. One that is incredibly easy to cook. Black spaghetti absorbs all the flavor from the pickled sauce made with olive oil by Palacio de Oriente. Try them!

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