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Other Seafood Items

Fish and seafood should be present in a balanced diet, due to their high content in proteins, fatty acids of great nutritional value, vitamins and minerals. Seafood’s nutritional advantages translate to a healthy functioning of the nervous system, good regulation of cholesterol levels and help with weight control.

At Palacio de Oriente we are advocates for good food, and we are experts in canned fish and seafood so that you can enjoy the best of the sea at any moment. The production process, together with the good quality of the natural resources selected for our sauces and covering liquids, play a part in enhancing the flavor as well as the inherent properties of our seafood and fish products.

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Galicia has a long history of preserving fish and seafood, and it is currently a reference in the production of canned goods. At Palacio de Oriente we don’t stray far from tradition, albeit incorporating the most innovative processes to bring canned cod, cockles or scallops of the highest quality to your table.

Our seafood and fish cans will remain intact up to at least four years without requiring refrigeration or the addition of preservatives and food coloring.

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