El atún con certificado Dolphin Safe es capturado sin causar daños a los delfines


Jul, 21

Javier Martín Alonso Preserving the Future

6 Reasons to Choose Tuna with the Dolphin Safe Certification

Our savoir-faire is based on sustainability and respect for the raw materials. A show of this are our tuna cans with the Dolphin Safe label.

Preservar las poblaciones de peces es una condición de la pesca sostenible - Preserving the fish population is a requirement of sustainable fishing


Jun, 21

Laura González Ferreiro Preserving the Future

What is sustainable fishing and what can you do to foster it?

Enjoy fish and seafood without endangering marine ecosystems. Read about sustainable fishing and support its practices.

Bonito del norte ¿qué es la costera y cuánto dura?


Jun, 21

Iván Alonso-Jáudenes Curbera Our traditions, our sea

Albacore tuna fishing season: What is the ‘costera’ and how long does it last?

Do you know where Palacio de Oriente’s albacore tuna comes from? The adventure begins in the Cantabrian Sea coastline every month of June, come with us!