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The albacore used by Palacio de Oriente is caught between the months of June and September in the Cantabrian Sea. Selective fishing techniques ensure the pieces are caught one by one, which guarantees not only their good quality and freshness, but also safeguards the sustainability of the marine ecosystems.

Thunnus alalunga, the most valued of the tuna family because of its delicate texture and mild flavor, has excellent nutritional properties and a high content of omega 3 fatty acids as well as vitamins A, B and D. 

Enjoy the excellent meat of the albacore, also known as white tuna; even though this is a seasonal fish you can savor it any time of the year thanks to our preserves, which keep its properties intact for at least four years.

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Only the meat of the highest quality jumps from the sea into Palacio de Oriente’s cans of albacore. We choose with great care the tastiest and most succulent cuts of meat, offering them to enthusiasts of preserved albacore loin and breast fillets, which, alongside the preserving liquids, made with carefully selected natural resources, only improve with the passing of time.

If you want to follow a balanced diet while tasting an unmistakable flavor, you should enjoy a can of albacore in olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, brine, or pickled sauce at least once a week. 

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