Pledge #2

Cannery Masters since 1873

At Palacio de Oriente we have spent decades selecting & canning the best products from the sea.
Discover why we have been cannery masters since 1873.

Master (noun)

A skilled practitioner of a particular art or activity.
Old English mæg(i)ster (later reinforced by Old French maistre), from Latin magister; probably related to magis ‘more’.
Oxford English Dictionary

In 1873, when Juan Antonio Alonso Santodomingo founded Conservas Antonio Alonso, the Spanish cannery industry was in its early stages. For years, the thought of being able to package the products from the sea and keep them in perfect conditions seemed like a faraway dream. It was an opportunity to make the population’s diet more diverse and nutritious, while also contributing to the local economy in 19th century Vigo.

During those first years we were merely apprentices. Everything was new, everything was unexplored, and we dove with enthusiasm into learning, understanding, experimenting, discovering and innovating. Today, many decades afterwards, in Palacio de Oriente we can proudly state that we have become masters. Cannery masters. Because we have accumulated countless hours of experience, because we work tirelessly and are ready to bring the best of the sea to your table every day.


Our experience as masters originates in the savoir faire has been passed down to five generations. From fathers to sons, grandparents to grandchildren, from experienced workers to new people in the sector. Throughout Palacio de Oriente’s history we have shared knowledge in this way year after year. That is why we prepare our products in the traditional style, with care, wanting to offer you the highest possible quality in our selection of natural resources and our very own sauces. All of it achieved with the latest technology to gain safety, productivity and efficiency.

The Sea

That is where it all started. The birthplace of the fish and seafood that we masterfully turn into canned goods to enjoy when and how you like. We feel the utmost respect and gratitude for the sea. Gratitude for giving us albacore, tuna, mussels, anchovies, etc., that we in Palacio de Oriente then prepare and handle until we transform it into an exquisite bite. Respect, because the sea is our teacher. The master of masters. We learn from the sea every day; it is the essence of our trade.

Galicia is in our DNA

If we had to add another surname to our cannery masters title, it would be Galician. The region of Galicia is an essential part of Palacio de Oriente’s DNA. We began our journey in Vigo, and until today, with our headquarters in Bueu (Pontevedra province), we are still operating from Galicia to the rest of the world.

100% of the mussels we market at Palacio de Oriente come from floating nursery structures, called bateas, located in the Galician coast. Moreover, we are members of Clusaga (Clúster Alimentario de Galicia), since we work to reinforce international competitiveness and the visibility of the food items from our region. Making the excellence of Galician products known is an honor to us, as well as a great responsibility.