You like to eat well. That is why you have chosen quality and placed Palacio de Oriente products into your shopping cart. But you also like to eat healthy; do you know how to incorporate canned fish and seafood to your diet so they improve your health? We can help you through Palacio de Oriente’s Nutrition area, where you will be able to find the different tips and advice provided by our experts to improve your nutrition.

El mar nos regala alimentos ricos en yodo en forma de mariscos como los mejillones y las gambas


Aug, 21

Isabel Vázquez López

5 Iodine-rich Foods Given to Us by the Sea

Mineral intake is essential for the body to function at 100%. Iodine-rich food supplies the best of the sea to your body.


Jul, 21

Isabel Vázquez López

Nutritional Value of Canned Tuna, a Healthy and Easy Option to Eat Bluefish

In olive or sunflower oil, in pickled sauce or brine, canned tuna is an essential food in a balanced diet. We tell you why.

Mix de mariscos: ¿es mejor comerlo en meses con R?


Jun, 21

Isabel Vázquez López

Is It Better to Eat Seafood in Months with an R?

“Nos meses sin r, marisco non comas, nin marisco merques” (Meaning: in the months without an R, don’t eat seafood, don’t buy seafood). This is an old Galician saying, but, is there truth behind it?