Sardines and sardinella

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Sardines and sardinella

The sardine, one of the most consumed oily fish species in Spain, provides great nutritional benefits to improve our health thanks to its high content in Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. The fishbones themselves become softer during the preservation process, which means they can be eaten in the same bite with the succulent meat, giving you an extra dose of calcium and selenium. 

Palacio de Oriente’s Sardinas pilchardus is caught in the Atlantic coasts of Galicia and Portugal using purse seine fishing, a responsible technique to capture these fish, which travel in large schools.

Sardines and sardinella, both from the clupeidae family, are only different in their size. They both offer a soft texture and an intense flavor, ideal for the most discerning palates.

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In order to make our sardine and sardinella preserves, we select high-quality natural resources and we classify the product according to its dimensions. This way, each of our cans offers fish of roughly the same size.

After a meticulous cleaning process, where the head and viscera are removed, the sardines are cooked, packaged, and then covering liquid is added. At Palacio de Oriente we specialize in producing canned sardines in olive oil, tomato sauce, spicy covering or olive oil with a lemon slice. All our sauces are prepared with carefully selected ingredients, so that they can enhance the signature flavor of the sardines, without taking their spotlight.

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