Crema de mejillones en escabeche con bonito del norte


Apr, 22

Creamy Pickled-mussel Soup with Albacore Tuna

It’s time to combine the excellence of Palacio de Oriente’s canned products in the same recipe with the flavor of the sea. A delicious, creamy pickled-mussel soup, boosted by the touch of pickled marinade, and finished off with a piece of albacore.

Taco relleno de bonito del norte en AOVE y mayonesa ligera de huevo frito


Dec, 21

Taco with Albacore and Fried-egg Mayonnaise

Surprise your guests with this tasty starter, an original and 100% nutritious snack. Experience this version of the taco using a French omelet and combine it with a foamy mayonnaise brimming with flavor. The small albacore chip-sized pieces in olive oil add the finishing touch to this recipe with a marine feel. A great start[…]

Crema de calabaza para Navidad con bonito del norte


Dec, 21

Creamy Pumpkin Soup with Albacore and Egg for Christmas

Begin the festive season with a creamy pumpkin soup with albacore in extra virgin olive oil. A tasty recipe that will help you enjoy your healthy food and impress your guests with a creamy pumpkin soup for Christmas. A delightful dish that combines the best of the vegetable garden, the power of the EVOO, and[…]



Jan, 21

Albacore Tuna with Confit Potato Salad

A simple and appealing way to start a meal. The confit potato salad is easy to prepare; it enhances the flavor of the Palacio de Oriente albacore tuna and adds a slightly sweet touch. Also, it is ready in no time!