Taco relleno de bonito del norte en AOVE y mayonesa ligera de huevo frito


Dec, 21

Taco with Albacore and Fried-egg Mayonnaise

Surprise your guests with this tasty starter, an original and 100% nutritious snack. Experience this version of the taco using a French omelet and combine it with a foamy mayonnaise brimming with flavor. The small albacore chip-sized pieces in olive oil add the finishing touch to this recipe with a marine feel. A great start[…]

Crema de calabaza para Navidad con bonito del norte


Dec, 21

Creamy Pumpkin Soup with Albacore and Egg for Christmas

Begin the festive season with a creamy pumpkin soup with albacore in extra virgin olive oil. A tasty recipe that will help you enjoy your healthy food and impress your guests with a creamy pumpkin soup for Christmas. A delightful dish that combines the best of the vegetable garden, the power of the EVOO, and[…]


Nov, 21

Oriental Marmita, or Potato-based Stew, with Albacore in Olive Oil

A new way to prepare the traditional albacore marmita. Try this recipe that has been upgraded by including Palacio de Oriente’s canned albacore. The aromas of oriental cuisine, the original vinaigrette on the albacore and the fusion of flavors will delight lovers of soups and stew dishes.

Salmorejo Cold Tomato-Based Soup with Albacore in Olive Oil and Egg


Oct, 21

Salmorejo Cold Tomato-Based Soup with Albacore in Olive Oil and Egg

A delicious cold soup with Cordoba’s aroma and the flavor of Galicia. Let yourself be surprised by a traditional recipe made with tomato, breadcrumbs and the delicacy of albacore. The extra virgin olive oil from Palacio de Oriente preserves enhances the flavor and adds creaminess. A superb salmorejo cold tomato-based soup with albacore!

Gilda de bonito del norte y anchoa del Cantábrico ecológica Palacio de Oriente


Mar, 21

Cantabrian-Sea Anchovy and Albacore ‘Gildas’

Colorful and always well received. That is our ‘gilda’ made with albacore and Cantabrian-Sea organic anchovy; a healthy and tasty bite. It is so easy to prepare that mistakes are impossible, even if you are not particularly at home in the kitchen!

Recipe: Albacore in a Vermouth & Pickled Sauce Emulsion


Feb, 21

Albacore Tuna in a Vermouth Emulsion

Is there a more iconic aperitif than vermouth? Take it accompanying our albacore tuna, integrated in an emulsion where it fits perfectly and adds to the strength of the sherry vinegar and the pickled sauce, made using olive oil.



Jan, 21

Albacore Tuna with Confit Potato Salad

A simple and appealing way to start a meal. The confit potato salad is easy to prepare; it enhances the flavor of the Palacio de Oriente albacore tuna and adds a slightly sweet touch. Also, it is ready in no time!