What are cookies? A cookie is a file which is unloaded into your computer or terminal when you enter our webpage. The cookies permit us, among other things, to store and recuperate information concerning navigation habits of a particular user, or on your computer, depending on the information and the form in which your terminal is used, can be used to indentify the user.

What type of cookies does our webpage use?

Our own cookies: these are the ones we send to your computer or terminal from our webpage

Third party cookies: these are the ones that are sent to your computer or terminal from a dominion or webpage that is not controled by us, but by another party who manages the data obtained from the cookies (ie: chat)

Session cookies: these are a type of cookies designed to recuperate and store data while you use our webpage

Persistan cookies: these are a type of cookies of which the data is stored in the terminal and could be accessed and treated during a determied period of time, which can be in a few minutes or several years.

Analytical cookies: these are well treated by us or by third parties, that permit quantifying number of visitors and perform analysis and mediation of the use of our webpage on behalf of the user. For this, we analyze the navigation of our webpage with the purpose of offering better products and services.

Administration of cookies

You can restrict, block or delete cookies from Palacio de Oriente or any other website using your browser. In each browser the operation is different, the "Help" function will show you how to do it.

Colaborating companies

Specifically, cookie user service providers contracted by us:


Personalization of the online store, use of various encripted cookies to store sesión information for the visitors / customers, as well as the employees / administrators.




Day and hour of creating the cookie (in format AAAA-MM-DD HH: MM: SS).


The language ID is selected.


The currency ID is selected.


The ID of the last category visited in the product list.


If the box of purchases is opened or has been closed.

V iewed

The ID’s of recently viewed products as a list separated by comas.


The ID of the list of actual wishlist in the box of the wishlist.


Either the “terms of service” box has been marked (1 if it has and 0 if it does not have).


The ID of guest of the visitor when not conectado.


The ID conection of the current visitor.


The identification of the customer visitor when authenticated.


Customer last name.


Customer first name.


If customer has started the session.


The has MD5 of _COOKIE_KEY in config / setting.inc.php and the password used by the customer to start session.


Customer email address used to start session.


The ID of current shopping cart.


The checksum Blowfish used to determine if the cookie has been changed by a thir party.
The customer will close the session and the cookie will be eliminated if the checksum does not coincide.


The Value determined if the user has acepted conditions of use of cookies by the website