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The excellent properties of this natural resource, as well as the care poured into the production and canning processes are the reasons Palacio de Oriente can bring gourmet-quality mussels to your table.

Once they have been cleaned, the mussels are steam-cooked, the shells and byssus are removed and then they are classified according to size. The key to keeping all their flavor inside the tins lies in their place of origin. Moreover, the dehydration techniques used to get rid of the excess water and achieve the perfect flavor are the balancing factor in our sauces.

We are experts in the production of canned mussels in Galician sauce, pickled sauce or brine, among others. Also, as advocates of good food, we invite you to partake in a cultural exchange, travelling to faraway places with our mussel cans under the name ‘Sabores del mundo’ (meaning flavors of the world): find mussels in spicy Mexican sauce, curry or in Provençal style, among many more.

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