All the preparation processes bring together the experience and know-how acquired and demonstrated over more than 140 years of history, and the most advanced technology, arising from the considerable investments made by the company over the course of many years.

All of our processes are subjected to rigorous controls, which are complemented with staff training plans, facility maintenance programmes and health-hygiene plans that ensure the correct handling and cleaning of all materials.

The process begins with the purchase of raw materials, following a prior verification and evaluation of the suppliers involved and the analysis of all the raw materials that are going to be acquired. The subsequent production process varies greatly from one preparation to another, but usually involves a reception, washing and product cooking stage, before later moving on to washing the catch by hand and covering it with oil, sauces or marinade.

Finally, the preserves are seated and are taken to an autoclave, where they are subjected to a heat treatment that ensures the sterilization and stability of the flavour and properties of the food. After the tins are cooled, they are arranged in a multitude of different presentations (cases, shrink packs, boxes of different sizes etcetera) and they are stored for subsequent distribution by reliable transport companies.

Conservas Antonio Alonso has been awarded IFS Food Standard certification at Higher Level. The IFS Food Standard is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) which focus on food safety and quality of processed products and it is highly valued by modern retailers.

We also have the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certification, which guarantees the sustainability of fishery products, as well as the ASC Certification (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) whose mission is to transform aquaculture into an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible activity.

Palacio de Oriente is an operator inscribed in the Regulatory Council of Ecological Agriculture of Galicia, covering our biological range of products. Also, continuing with our commitment to Galician origin mussels, Palacio de Oriente is certified by DOP Mejillón de Galicia.

FDA (Food and Drug Administration) certification. The FDA is the United States government agency that is responsible for regulating food, medicines, cosmetics, medical devices, biological products and blood derivatives.